Terrascope: Petroglyphs

Ole Lukkoye – Petroglyphs

In 2002 Ole Lukkoye released the wonderful “Horse-Tiger” on their then record label Klangbad. Now they are here again with “Petroglyphs”, which comprises more ethnic music taking influences both from modern western sounds and the music of their Russian homeland. Band leader Boris Bardash sings in his native tongue, while the rest of the band, and the many guest musicians, contribute to the groove with impeccable skill and musicality. The effect, as on such tracks as album opener 'Zapara', is of a band somewhere between Ozric Tentacles, Gong and the Russian steppes – a terrific combination. Other standout tracks include the dubby 'Became A Sky', the psychedelically mesmeric 'Melting', the twelve minute ethno-rock space-steppe excursion that is 'Zagoralos' (reminiscent in places of Nigel Shaw's classic “Ancestors”) and closing cut 'Free Warriors', which evokes ancient Russian folk songs above rippling techno beats. A new version of 2002's 'Horse-Tiger' completes a fantastic album. Great to have them back! Fans of Banco de Gaia, TranceSiberia, Loop Guru et al should investigate with confidence.

Terrascope, April 2011