See of Tranquility: Dyatly

Ole Lukkoye – Dyatly

This is one of the more intriguing releases I have heard in a while. The band is Ole Lukkoye, hailing from St. Petersburgh and has been around since 1993. In 2009, marking the 20th anniversary of the band, Trail Records saw fit to release the compilation disc Petroglyphs. This leads us to the band’s eighth full length release titled Dyatly.

The music can be described has ethnic flavoured psychedelic space rock. The songs are constructed with percussive and bass heavy grooves often with a tribal sound that give the album a heavy world/ethnic flair. Heavy shards of metallic electric guitar, bassoon, spacey keyboards and a myriad of exotic instrumentation like jambi, ngoa, djembe and darabouka all make for quite a riveting sound experience. Add to that the Middle Eastern style vocal improvisations of Ness Yanushkovskaya and you have quite the sound collage.

From the Arabic sounding space/psyche trip hop vibe of “Bela Dama” to the ultra-heavy tribal beat that permeates the album opening “Kommuna Ra”, the sound production is crystal clear. Every nuance comes through with startling clarity. This is some of the trippiest music I have heard so far this year.

Dyatly marries space and ethnic music in a unique and varied way and is sure to please fans of either genre. One of the more forward thinking releases so far in 2015.

See of Tranquility, July 6th 2015
Reviewer: Jon Neudorf