RUST Magazine: Dyatly

Ole Lukkoye – Dyatly

Today, RUST Magazine is very pleased to talk about a fantastic new album from one of our favorite groups – on a global scale. The band is called Ole Lukkoye, they’re based in St. Petersburg, Russia and for over twenty years, they have been making some of the most unique, vibrant and amazing tribal-inspired music our planet has to offer. They really do defy description, taking instruments ranging from the stone age to the space age and authentically performing live, profound psychedelic jams that blend cultures, languages and techniques. Thoroughly modern and progressive in every way, this is a group of people who have developed their sound and style for many years, and their new album Dyatly is a masterpiece of intensity and vision.

Ole Lukkoye was one of the very first bands we covered as RUST Magazine. Their 2010 release Petroglyphs gave us a unique insight to the history of the band as it was a remastering of some of their work dating back to the early 1990’s. Trail Records did the production and remastering of that album, then transitioned to developing this new album with them, a pattern which is being repeated with other bands right now, including Beyond-O-Matic and Sky Cries Mary. Everything we’ve heard from Trail Records has been excellent, so we were very excited to get a fresh earful from them.

And Dyatly did not disappoint! This is a great album. It casts a spell on the listener, hinting at magic just beyond one’s understanding. It’s inspired music, deflty realized at the hands of people with life-long dedication and knowledge. There is a zen wholeness to it in aspects great and small. This is timeless music achieved at a superior level. Their music is so distinct and intense that it commands your attention and holds it – this is a band you want to know more about because there’s so much to discover in their music.

Dyatly is one of those special albums that stands alone. It’s not subject to any category or genre, and it could well be the definitive statement from Ole Lukkoye. Whatever type of music you think you like, or don’t like, check out this album and this band – and this label. Dyatly has been made by a team of people dedicated to excellence in the arts and the personalities behind this music have truly done their very best with this collection of music. Dyatly will still be fresh, relevant and inspiring to both listeners and musicians for many decades to come.

Eric Petersen on May 17, 2015
RUST Magazine