Psychedelic Folk: Petroglyphs

Ole Lukkoye – Petroglyphs

Ole Lukkoye's 9th album much more evolved to how they evolved in live performances of trance inducing moods with moving colours and shapes video screening projections over them. The music is a folk trance with electric bass and keyboards and more use of repetition, while the ethno-folk moods become more improvised taking elements of even native American styles of singing, old Russian folk and far eastern moods, with elements of improvisation with occasional sitar, zither, high note clarinets and ethnic singers. The range in colours of the use of instruments is dominated by rhythms, even with use of a song context, with a colourful range of sounds, and with use of some outros with more electronics. This works well and is moody but this is less convincing when continuing similarly and comparably for over 10 tracks.

Psychedelic Folk (Belgium), 2011