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Ole Lukkoye – Petroglyphs

Petroglyphs is a compilation of material amassed by Russian band Ole Lukkoye during 20 years. St. Petersburg-based Ole Lukkoye is one of those acts that is hard to describe and categorize. At times they sound like a world music band, fusing tribal, shamanistic and global electronica with acoustic instruments. At other occasions they venture into psychedelic progressive rock and trance adventures.

Whatever the category, Ole Lukkoye play music that is captivating and exotic, incorporating hybrid sounds from Russia, Siberia and East Asia. Aside from the Russian vocals, the band uses mesmerizing shamanistic and Siberian vocal styles.

One of the foundations of Ole Lukkoye is the effective rhythm section consisting of electronic loops and sequences mixed with live instruments such as the West African jembe, the Middle Eastern darbuka and the shaman drum.

Ole Lukkoye musicians include composer and lyricist Boris Bardash on keyboards, vocals, guitars, percussion, music, lyrics; Andrey Lavrinenko on bass, jembe; Alexander Frolov (aka Frol) on bassoon, flute, ocarina, horn, trumpet; and Tatyana Kalmykova on vocals. Guests featured: Georgy Starikov on guitars; Petr Akimov on cello; Vladimir Konovalov on bass; Oleg Shar on jembe, congas, vibraslap, percussion; Igor Kaim on banjo; Ekaterina Sidorova on percussion; and Yuri Lukyanchik on jembe, darbuka

Petroglyphs is a totally addictive album by Ole Lukkoye, a phenomenal world trance band from Russia.

By Angel Romero, February 14, 2012
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