GPS Sonoro: Dyatly

Ole Lukkoye – Dyatly

In April this year, the St. Petersburg group “Ole Lukkoye” released a new album called “Woodpeckers”. This is the first team since the release of the collection “Petroglyphs”, published by the American label Trail records in 2010. Due to the same company had the opportunity to hear the music lovers a new job Bardash Boris and his comrades. So, get acquainted, “Woodpeckers” or, as it says on the cover – Dyatly.

The musicians recorded the album in two years in different Russian studios. Something was registered in Novosibirsk, something in St. Petersburg, and does it live is called a one-take. As stated in the abstract to the plate, after the material has been recorded, the musicians had the idea to leave everything as it is and as much as possible, to avoid rework. As a result, before finishing the information was recorded only a few vocals and percussion.

The track listing for the album “Woodpeckers” consists of five songs, with transitions between them are done so smoothly that it seems as if listening to an endless song. Works quite long, four of them last for about a quarter of an hour, so the listener can immerse themselves in the musicians created “Ole Lukkoye” shamanic atmosphere. Sometimes compositions seem tight, but ethno-psychedelic trance is normal, otherwise there will be total immersion not be done magic.

Create a “woodpecker” atmosphere amplify the voice of Boris Bardash and Ness Yanushkovskoy, performing vocal improvisations. Boris, as befits a shaman casts spells, repeatedly repeating them, with neither listen, understand this is unlikely to succeed. For example, in the Russian ear sounding album opens with the composition “Kommuna Ra” words are perceived as a cross between “commune pa – who burrow – a two meter hole.” Although, I suppose, what is meant is a kind of spiritual-minded society.

He remembers Boris Bardash and Alexander Pushkin, completing the bulk of the records quote his poem “The Prisoner”: “We are free birds, it’s time, my friend, it’s time to...”. Prophetic bird guards kings and trees return to the storm clouds, where “only the wind and walk me.” And here involuntarily ask a question, it really nourished “Ole Lukkoye” magic power, which symbolize woodpeckers, leaving the musicians? And who then “I came, I saw, I conquered”?

Pictures woodpeckers are used as symbols of various religious trends. For example, for the Gentiles, which include shamans, this is, as already noted above, prophetic bird, a symbol of magical power. Native Americans believed the war birds woodpeckers. In Christianity, the woodpecker symbolizes the devil and heresy undermining faith and human nature. At one of the incarnation, he was on the album “Ole Lukkoye”?

It is possible that this work will be the last for the team. Anyway, talk about the termination of activity of the group were. If that’s true, “Woodpeckers” will be a very nice end of life “Ole Lukkoye”, more precisely, the transition to a different state, because life as we well know, does not stop, and the music is infinite.

GPS Sonoro, August 2015