Gew Gaw fanzine: Petroglyphs

Ole Lukkoye – Petroglyphs
(Trail Records)

The ninth album of the Russians Ole Lukkoye, Petroglyphs, is essentially a compilation of tracks from their previous albums. All I know about Ole Lukkoye is what I have read on various sites. I thus can only assume that Petroglyphs is representative of their overall sound: folk, ethnic, dance, eastern, occasionally space music, with a fair bit of sampling; yet what impresses most is that Ole Lukkoye appear to be fully fixated upon the ritual part of their music. Indeed, they utilize several remarkable instruments such as djembe, vibraslap, cello, darabuka etc., while singing in their native language. Just listening to Melting, White Stone and Zagoralos' will be enough to start the trip!

Gew Gaw fanzine (Greece), May 2011