Aural Innovations: Kumaneira

Ole Lukkoye – Kumaneira
(ATR 06302)

This CD was originally released in 2006 but only in Russia so it has received very little press in the West. I was lucky to get a copy as it is out of print now. The band line up is completely different (except for founder Boris) now than on any of the other CDs and there are some remix tracks and new music as well on this CD. Like previously, the music is very much tranced out, especially the title track which reminds me of stuff from the Crystal Crowbar era. There is a bit more electronica in the new sound. “Free Warriors” is basically a remix of one of the older tracks and really great (otherwise he is really recycling...). “Gamelan” starts very spacey and features some samples of the old singer, Tanya’s voice before Boris comes back with a very spaced out vocal. A very psychedelic mix on this track with stuff going all over the place... Amazing stuff. “Far Away” is next and the longest track at over 13 minutes. There are no short tracks on this CD with all between 6-13. A really cool bass line and some various percussion and flutes before the real guitar line enters into the sound. All the different instruments seem to take turns adding in different small solos or spaced out sounds and the bass and programmed drums (a lot of it), keep the ride cruising through the psychedelic mushroom forest! The CD ends with “Kanchanga”, a quite slow and spacey piece. Another brilliant and more psychedelic CD by the band. Pity it is so hard to find. I hope they release a new CD soon. The web site below is only updated on the Russian part but the band are still playing concerts in Russia in 2007-2008.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller, Aural Innovations #39 (May 2008)