Aural Innovations: Loppen, Christiania 3/18/04

Ole Lukkoye – Loppen, Christiania 3/18/04

It had been 1½ years since the band had played Loppen and even though the rumors had circulated about how unique and incredible this band is, the people just stayed home with their boring life. There were only about 40 people, the same as last time. I met up with Søren, Michael and Magnus of Mantric Muse, Magnus and Jesper, Michael B, Eric, Ralph, Lene and Morten. I knew nearly 1/3 of the people. Anyway, the band started at 10:00, a bit early by Loppen standards but everyone who was going to come was there it seems. The noticeable changes from last time was a new visual show, a new drummer (with a real drum kit, the previous drummer, who was incredible, only played hand drums) and the lack of the woodwind player.

The band all entered the stage at once and Boris started up the sequences and we were pretty blown away by the first two numbers. Really cool and heavy ethno-electro-psychedelic space music. The band only played 2 songs that I recognized (and I have all the CDs) and the rest of the 10 song, 90 minite set was all new. Tanja, the female singer was really incredible. What a voice and the cool images. A combination of space comets, aliens, intense visual explosions, all sorts of great stuff. It was totally different from the last show. The people really were into it and everyone I spoke to was pretty blown away. Boris sang on 3 or 4 of the songs and played a lot more guitar this time but he was really low in the mix. Tanja played a great dijeridoo rhythm on the last track. Sadly, we did not get any encore at all. The band played for 40 minutes longer last time. No explanation was given for the shorter set but I am guessing the new drummer.

If you want to see and hear music like you have never heard before, please come see the band, if we can get them to come back again. Amazing stuff!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Scott Heller, Aural Innovations March 2004