Aural Innovations: Flown Across The Street

Ole Lukkoye – Flown Across The Street
(Caravan Records 2001, CAR113, RUSSIA)

This was released at the very end of last year on a new Russian label and was recorded live at various concerts in 2000-2001 in Russia and Europe. The artwork is fantastic and if you have these special ChromaDepth 3D glasses you get an added effect on the front cover (great job Yuri Elik!) It features 2 tracks from the great Crystal Crowbar CD and 5 new songs. It is a more mellow and personal CD. I feel the band are searching for something new and maybe or maybe not finding it on some of the new material. The CD begins with a long version of “Uloog Hem” from Crystal Crowbar. Next up is a new song called “Misty Country” and is electronic percussion upon which the flutes, bassoon and other instruments are layered. A much more electronic song than the band have played in the past. “Melting” from Crystal Crowbar is next. A new song dedicated to the Tibetan New year of the Snake called “Moment Of Truth” is very slow and spacey with lots of sound effects and a lonely horn enters in and Tanya does some impassioned chanting. “Flown Across The Street” is next and is another mood song with slow building drums and a hypnotic rhythm. Tanya does some chanting on the top. A very tribal and ancient feel to the track. “Signale Luminoso”, another new song, closes the CD. If you play the CD on your computer you are treated to a fantastic video of “Zagoralos” recorded live at Zoo Park in St. Petersburg. The video track on the CD at the end is absolutely fantastic and really makes you want to see the powerful live show this band put on.

Reviewed by Scott Heller, Aural Innovations #19 (April 2002)