December 2021

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November 2021

Dear friends!
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March 2021

Dear friends!
Today, Fulldozer Records re-released on CD our first album Zapara, originally released on vinyl in 1993 by the label Antrop.
The canonical CD version of the album is supplemented with two previously unreleased bonus tracks: the meditative instrumental “Enfilade” and the first version of the song “Toomze”, which was recorded in 1995, but was never included in this form in the eponymous album released a year later.
The CD is limited to 300 copies in a 6-panel digipak.

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November 2020

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January 2020

Attention dear friends!
Introducing our December 31, 2019 release, Echoes of Reflections.
This unique digital compilation contains tracks not included in the main albums of the group, but published in different collections in different countries at different times + last track – absolute live recording from the radio session on the “Schwarzwald radio” in Germany. Enjoy it.

February 2019

Dear friends! Now you can listen and download our music in CD quality (wav, flac, alac, mp3 etc.) on



May 2015

The new album DYATLY by Ole Lukkoye is a captivating trance journey accompanied by shamanic chants of a female vocalist Ness with original melodic experimentation of “folklore from nowhere.” All tracks presented on this album had been recorded during various performances and mastered at the studios of St. Petersburg and New York; and as such, offer a fresh and unique sound to the album. DYATLY is being released as a limited collector’s edition.

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The “Ole Lukkoye” Project (OL) has been living and developing since 1993 when its first album Zapara came out. Boris Bardash created a group belonging to a musical trend which turned out to be very difficult to define, though the group's music was undoubtedly contemporary. There was one thing common about the estimations of this music – the use of the word “psychedelia” in the sense of “clarifying the mind”, but no precise label such as reggae, trip-hop, jazz, rock, etc. had been found. The main thing about the OL group has always been a powerful rhythmic base consisting of electronical loops and sequences along with live instruments – from the African jamba and the Turkish darabuka to the shaman drum. The combination of the sounds that belong to different ethnic cultures and the contemporary rock instruments paradoxically doesn't create a sense of eclecticism. The musicians don't play the music of this or that country but they create the language of their own images which is common for all nations, for the roots, the source, the oldest motherland. That seemed strange in the cold northern city of St Petersburg. So OL was taken as some natures wonder existing on its own. At different moments, according to the set task, the OL Project co-operated with musicians playing various instruments: bassoon, rubab, bass guitar, cello, banjo, trumpet, bayan (Russian accordion), etc. When Sergey “Macho” Kuznetsov joined the group he added visual elements (such as video performance, computer animation) to the music; thus the OL Project acquired an extra dimension. Beginning with 1994 OL has been touring Europe a lot. The tours and festivals in Norway, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Czechia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland brought the group constant friends and admirers. After their successful performance at Burg Herzberg Open Air '99 the OL musicians got to know the legendary cult German group “Faust”. The result of this co-operation was the issue of the OL album “The Crystal Crow-Bar” with the “KLANGBAD” label in 2000 (recorded and produced by Johen Irmler, the leader of the “Faust” group). The artistic friendship between Klangbad and OL has lasted until now, and in the summer of 2004 a fresh album is planned to be recorded by the OL Project at the new Klangbad studio. By now the OL group has issued 8 albums: 5 studio ones and 3 live ones. By the moment of the creating of OL Boris Bardash (BB) was not only a mature musician. His interests were much wider: philosophy, ethnography, archaeology. In his music all this becomes one magic alloy which goes deep through the ethnic motifs and archetypal signs to the spiritual roots of the mankind and then ascends high. But the way there always runs through the heart. The music of OL works on many levels of the mind, of the subconscious or of the mere aesthetic feeling. In BB's songs there are no precepts at all, on the contrary – many of them are written in a language that doesn't exist. In a paradoxical way this language turns out to be understood by listeners of many countries. And many people feel nostalgia for some lost homeland. The OL's audience is not at all limited by age, it's quite various and even paradoxical in its composition. Some consider OL an excellent rhythmic group with music to which one can dance with pleasure. Other people take this music as meditation and an impulse to travel beyond the borders of everyday life and limitations. And the most incredible group of admirers are the deaf and dumb people who attend the concerts by OL in St Petersburg and come home feeling happy. It isn't known how the music affects them. Many people consider this to be witchcraft but it's more right to call it magic, or inner alchemy; and OL are people who have come too close to the fire.

Ole Lukkoye now are:
Boris BARDASH – programming, keyboards, voice, guitars, lyrics, percussion, buben, samples
FROL – bassoon, keyboards, percussion
Yuri LUKIYANCHIK – percussion, djembe, darabouka, drums
Ness YANUSHKOVSKAYA – vocal improvisation


Der interessierte Musikfreund verfolgt die lebendige Entwicklung der osteuropäischen Szenen schon seit längerer Zeit. Ob Prag, Budapest oder St.Petersburg – in den kreativen Zentren dieser Städtewerden Akzente gesetzt, die weit über die Landesgrenzen hinausreichen.
Die Geschichte von Ole Lukkøye geht zurück in die Hochzeiten des russischen Underground Ende der 80er Jahre. Ole Lukkøye aus St.Petersburg, das sind im Kern Boris Bardash, Andrej Lavrinenko und Frol, schlagen auf eine ganz besondere Weise eine Brücke von Ost nach West. Die Band kombiniert Elemente des Britisch Artrock / Spacerock aus den 70ern mit orientalischen und schamanistischen Einflüssen, die sie auf ihren Reisen nach Tuwa und beim Zusammenspiel mit sibirischen Musikern aufgegriffen haben. Sie entwickelten daraus einen Stil mystisch-psychedelischer Song- und Soundvisionen. Seit 1995 tragen Ole Lukkøye nun diese Musik erfolgreich gen Westen. Es gab Festivals und Tourneen in Norwegen, Finnland, Holland, Belgien und Deutschland. Im Juli 1999 spielten die Petersburger auf dem Herzbergfestival und rissen dort das Publikum zu Begeisterungsstürmen hin. Auch beim diesjährigen Herzberg Festival sind sie wieder mit dabei!
Ihr neues Album Crystal Crow-Bar wurde von Jochen Irmler (v.d. deutschen psychedelic-avantgarde Band “Faust”) produziert, seine Handschrift verleiht dem Album eine gewisse Dramatik, Schärfe und Differenziertheit. Weiter bereichert die Sängerin Tanya Svaha “Crystal Crow-Bar” um eine weitere ausdruckstarke Facette.